Today's Real Estate Back Office Is Brokermint

Don't get stuck in the past. Use some or all of our modules to accelerate your back office. 
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Can your office keep up?

A brokerage back office has a lot of responsibilities. In the past, that meant multiple platforms and lots of keyboard data entry. It was messy, full of mistakes, and it was slow.

But today's back office is seamless and automated. One system for transaction management, commission automation, accounting, agent management, and reporting.

Move at the speed of the market.

Between our modules and our integrations, you have one seamless data flow. No more duplicate data entry. No more busy work. No more commission math and spreadsheets (and mistakes!).

Today's back office is automated. Today's back office is Brokermint.


“These recent updates will only further cement the company’s place within the industry ecosystem.”


Brokermint named to 2020 Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies in America. 


Brokermint back office published in T360 Real Estate Almanac and Tech 500.


Transaction Management with eSignature

Checklists, calendars, notifications, and more. Keep your agents on track to an on time close and monitor production for everyone.


Automated Commissions

Recruiting and sponsor fees, referral fees, splits, sliding scales, and more. Let Brokermint do the work for you.


Agent Management and Onboarding

Onboard new agents, track goals, and ensure you have all licenses and documents needed for compliance.



Use Brokermint's built in real estate accounting with next-day ACH payments and electronic agent billing. Brokermint can also connect to platforms like QuickBooks. 


Reporting and Analytics

Out of the box reports and dashboards for most of what you’ll need. But you can also easily build custom reports to see exactly what you want.



Connect your CRM, MLS, and other tools to seamlessly push data through your entire business process. Brokermint also integrates with Realogy Dash.


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In about 20 minutes, we'll show you how Brokermint's back office platform can drive your bottom line.

"Easy to use... Easy to implement... Easy to adopt... And it's scalable."